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Mt. Prospect Partnership (MPP) is the designated District Management Corporation for the Mt. Prospect Avenue Neighborhood Improvement District. MPP manages the vibrant Mt. Prospect business district and historic North Ward of Newark, New Jersey. The Mt. Prospect Avenue Neighborhood Improvement District is located along Mt. Prospect Avenue from Bloomfield Avenue to the Belleville border.
Mt. Prospect Partnership serves as the catalyst for revitalization of the district, laying the groundwork to support the area’s economic revival. MPP is a coalition of business owners, community organizations and residents dedicated to facilitating the continuation and enhancement of a stable and healthy neighborhood. MPP looks forward to opportunities to work with the Forest Hill Community Association to implement intra-district programs to further impact the City of Newark.

Established in 2007, MPP’s programs and services produce services, events and projects with high visibility and high impact. Our sanitation and maintenance services help maintain a safe and appealing district with clean streets and sidewalks. Our placemaking and beautification efforts include seasonal plantings and street pole banners that enhance the beauty and identity of the district while our events gather our community. Lastly, MPP is dedicated to making physical improvements to increase the safety and ease of access for pedestrians through the district.

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what we do

MT. Prospect Partnership provides our local community, business and property owners with a wide range of services to support quality of life and economic prosperity.

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